From the time we set foot on the field, Landmark Eagles Football in Cincinnati prides itself in excellence. We want to strengthen character and integrity in the young men we work with. That’s what makes us tick.



2019 Season Registration Preparation (NOT yet open):

  1. Lindsay Law  -  Video to be viewed and form to be signed by a parent/guardian and each participating athlete
    • Video
    • Handout - For your retention
    • Form - Download, print, read, and sign.  Upload the fora as part of registration process.
  2. Medical insurance information - Emergency purposes only
  3. Doctor signed physical form - Can use this form, doctor's form, or an OSHAA form.  Upload as part of the registration process.
  4. Birth Certificate - New for 2019. Each player will required to supply a birth certificate.
  5. Athlete Code of Conduct - It is the assumption that a parent/guardian will be filling out the registration.  Therefore, the parent/guardian Code of Conduct is a on-line form (waiver).  Hence, each participating athlete will need to download, print, read, and sign the Athlete Code of Conduct form.  Upload each Athlete Code of Conduct form as part of the registration process.
  6. OSHAA Concussion -  Form must be filled out for each athlete and signed by both the athlete and parent.
  7. Fee Discounts - Contact Laura Wells (, 513-252-3325) for a promotional code fee adjustments.  Examples of fee adjustments:
    • $50.00 paid for participation in conditioning (weight lifting)
    • Participation in mulch sale fundraiser
    • Multiple player discount (first full price, each subsequent is $100.00 off)
    • Selling of Ads
  8. Questions/Help/Feedback2018 season is our first year with this new website and on-line registration.  I'm sure they'll be things that need to be better defined or reworked.  Please  contact Dan Wells (, 513-702-0912) with any questions, requests for help or feedback.