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What makes us tick?

At Landmark Eagles, we love football. But our true passion is for strengthening character and integrity. We strive to see the boys in football and girls in cheerleading grow into the men and women God created them to be. If you’d like to learn more about Landmark Eagles or participate in our program you can email or click on a specific contact below.

A Little Bit About Landmark Eagles

Landmark currently fields two different football teams, a Junior High and a Senior High (Varsity) team. Both teams abide by OHSAA football guidelines.  The Varsity team additionally abides to the Great Lakes Christian Athletic Conference (GLCAC) guidelines.
Landmark teams practice on a field located on the campus of
Ross High School, 3601 Hamilton Cleves Rd, Hamilton, OH 45013
Parking and practice field map

In 2020, Landmark switched home field, where available, between the following sites:

  1. Ross High School, 3601 Hamilton Cleves Rd, Hamilton, OH 45013

  2. Athletes In Action Sports Complex, 1197 S Detroit St, Xenia, OH 45385


The Junior High team is a combination of 7th and 8th graders and will usually play 8 games per season. The season typically starts in early August and runs through the middle of October.  Age requirements are by OSHAA eligibility guidelines:

  • Players must be 14 or younger on August 1 of that season and seeking a pre-high school education.


The Varsity team is a combination of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. This team plays a regular high school 10 game season.  Since 2018, the Senior High team has been a member of the Great Lakes Christian Athletic Conference (GLCAC).  GLCAC eligibility requirements:

  • Player that is 19 years old on or before November 15th of the current season year.  19 year old players must have played on the team the prior year.

  • Are seeking a pre-college education as a full-time student.

  • All players must not exceed 4 consecutive years (seasons) of eligibility at the high school football level and shall not have any tackle football experience, including practicing, beyond/above high school age/level (ie. College, Junior College etc.).  A season consists of playing in four quarters (regardless of number of games).

  • No player can play on a GLCAC team and a non-GLCAC team in the same season.


2018:  Conference Champions of the GLCAC. Placed 2nd at the National Homeschool Football Association tournament and finished the season ranked #2
2019: Finished 3rd in GLCAC. 
2020: Finished first in the GLCAC South Division regular season. Finished season ranked #12.
2021: Finished 5th in the GLCAC. Won the Patriot Bowl at the NHFA tournament finished the season ranked #7.

In 2019, Landmark added a cheerleading program.  Eligibility for cheerleading follow the same rules as for football (above).
Our football coaches have experience at various levels including the collegiate and professional ranks.  Landmark players have gone on to play football in college and attribute their success to the coaching and instruction they received while at Landmark.
If you would like to more information about Landmark Football please contact us at

Family Responsibilities

In the past, all families were required to volunteer in fundraising, game day, and other various volunteer slots. We have found that different families have different availabilities to do so. This year, CLE has created a fee tier so that families have more flexibility to decide how to support the team. The fee tier chosen by the family at registration determines their volunteer requirements. Families with a willingness and availability to volunteer will receive a discount of several hundred dollars per athlete.   As part of the online registration, families are given a link to the SignUpGenius (which provides the complete list of volunteer opportunities to choose from.) Registration is not considered to be completed until the online registration forms AND volunteer sign-ups have been for the volunteer slots you choose on the SignUpGenius. Our goal is to not have to turn anyone away and our goal is not to collect more money. Our goal is that everyone will be able to feel the value of their volunteering a little more by assigning it a monetary amount. We want to streamline all types of volunteering so that it all “counts”. Knowing there are so many ways to invest in our Cincinnati Landmark family, we want to make a BIG deal about all of them!

2022 Fees

Football fees include all necessary equipment (except shoes, socks and undergarments) and spirit wear pack that includes shorts and t-shirt along with end of the year banquet and awards.  Varsity spirit wear includes a sweatshirt

  •  Varsity:           

    •  $500 per player with 30 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

    • $725 per player with 15 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

    • $950 per player with 0 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

  • Junior High: 

    • $350 per player with 30 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

    • $475 per player with 15 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

    •  $600 per player with 0 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

  • Family Multiplayer Discount: Oldest player pays full price fee.  Each subsequent child receives a discount of $100.


Cheerleading fees will NOT include the uniform which is estimated at $200-$250.  Uniform will be owned by the participant with the intent for reuse in subsequent years.  Included in the fee, will be spirit wear for colder games such as a sweatshirt or jacket.

  • Fee:

    • $100 per cheerleader with 30 hours of volunteer commitment per family.​

    • $250 per cheerleader with 15 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

    • $400 per cheerleader with 0 hours of volunteer commitment per family.

  • Family Multiplayer Discount:  Can use one of the two options (should use higher value):

    • Brother playing football = $50 discount

    • Sister cheerleading = $20 discount


Early registration is 3/15/2022 thru 7/1/2022 and includes a payment plan over three months. Payment plan will automatically debit your credit card for the fees each month. This includes a 3% processing fee.

Registrations after 7/1/2022 must be paid in full at the time of registration.
Unpaid fees will exclude a player/cheerleader from participation in scrimmages and games.


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